Sunday, May 17, 2015

Event Planner Duties

As clients and guests, many people do not see the first hand duties that event planners actual complete for any and all events. If you have ever attended an event of any scale in which planning and event skills were involved, an event planner and/or coordinator was behind the scenes. Event planners work on a wide range of events with one goal in mind; to make the event run smoothly.

Pre-Event Duties

Event planners work closely with their clients to determine the purpose and scope of an event. The client establishes the time and general location, and sets a budget for the planner. Working under these parameters, the event planner seeks bids from local meeting places and service providers, such as caterers, venues, etc. The event planner may need to contract for lodging and transportation services for guests, or arrange meetings and breakout sessions within a conference. Event planners may also select featured speakers for meetings and send announcements or invitations. The client has the final say on the location, services and features.

During the Event

The planner supervises setup for the event, including the use of equipment such as sound systems and video screens. While the event is in progress, in many cases the planner works to keep the guests and host satisfied and strives to meet their needs. A successful planner makes sure the event stays on schedule and that featured speakers or performers are prepared and cued. At the conclusion, the event planner is responsible for supervising cleanup. The planner meets with the client to review the event, discuss bills and finalize  payment.

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